Shot Show 2012 – HDR Photography inside the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas

Shot Show 2012, Venetian Las Vegas, Sky Ceiling, St Marks Square, Piazza San Marcos, Venice, Italy, Airsoft HDR Photography, Tom Harris Media,

I decided to take a quick break from all the girls, guns, glitz & glamour of Shot Show 2012 to do some High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography of the sky room, or whatever you call it inside the Venetian.  This place was awesome and the sky ceiling really is impressive to see in person.  Now that I’m typing this and thinking about it, I think they actually call this St. Mark’s Square, otherwise referred to by the Italian birds as Piazza San Marco, which is a famous area of Venice, Italy.  I’ve actually been there, but I’m embarrassed to say that I think I like the Vegas version better than the Venice Version.  Although, I have yet to do an HDR shot of the real St. Mark’s Square, so I suppose I withhold judgement until then.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy looking at this photo as much as I enjoyed creating it.